Holiday flat and double room at the Flaeming-Skate

The infrastructure of the Flaeming region

Important establishments


The Restaurant "Zum Grafen Buelow" in Dennewitz - here you can enjoy an inexpensive snack or a full meal in a pleasant atmosphere. In Jueterbog (6 km away) you will find about 20 restaurants and eateries that cover almost any desired flavor.


Shopping options for all major retailers, drugstores and even a DIY market is placed in the small town Jueterbog (6 km away).

Doctors / pharmacies

For acute health questions is a hospital emergency room located in Luckenwalde (18 km away). Teeth emergencies can be treated in practices in Jueterbog, Oehna or Bloensdorf. In addition, four pharmacies are located in Jueterbog.

Travel opportunities

In addition to road networks, which you can see under the point approach, there is a bus connection. The nearest train stations are in Niedergoersdorf/Bahnhof (about 3 km) and Jueterbog (about 6 km).

Fewo Flaeming

Mrs. Gerda Schütze
Dennewitz 8
14913 Niedergoersdorf
Phone: +49 33741 72271